PRI Magazine September 2017 : Page 2

Total Seal pioneered Gapless technology 50 years ago and today continues to perfect this breakthrough in piston ring design. If you haven’t experienced the dramatic difference Gapless rings can make, call us and we’ll help you understand their tremendous benefits. ® ® ® Total Seal Gapless Piston Rings produce power that doesn’t fade with opening end gaps. Power that lasts... Every Start. Every Lap. Every Run. Every Time. ® ® Total Seal Gapless Top* or 2nd Piston Rings provide: ® ® > > > > Eliminates blow-by Increased horsepower & torque Longer engine life Improved consistency ® > > > > Longer ring life Better sealing & less Friction Saves money (fewer tear-downs) Cleaner, cooler engine oil > > > > ® Better oil control Increased intake signal Wider torque curve More engine vacuum Most Total Seal piston ring styles are available in Gapless configuration. Discover why the top engine builders in NHRA, NASCAR and every form of racing rely on the advanced technology, durability and proven performance of Total Seal . ® * patented • 800-874-2753 • Tech Line: 623-587-7400

Total Seal Inc.

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