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Dynamic Sales Opportunities in Diesel Racing hile diesel is not threatening to oust gasoline as the preferred racing fuel in the United States any time soon, there are sales to be made via the diesel racing niche of the market. Here’s just a sampling of the per-formance upgrades diesel racers will want on their cars: air intakes, exhausts, turbos, injectors, wheels, tires, brakes, head bolts, studs, inter-coolers, tuners and transmissions. “There are several new perfor-mance upgrades for diesel engines including new pistons, rods, lift pump, injectors and turbos that will get any street truck close to 900– 1100 horsepower,” said Ron Knoch of the National Association of Diesel Motorsports (NADM), Kansas City, Missouri. “Just five years ago, the trucks were lucky to be around 600 hp; now they easily reach 900 hp if the diesel enthusiast wants to invest in his truck. Sled pulling is growing in the 2.5 class along with the standard 2.6 class. The 2.5 is a street class, so the trucks are licensed, while the 2.6 class is trailered by most competitors. And drag racing has started to grow in the ET bracket class.” Knoch said the diesel motorsports market is still strong even on the cusp of the EPA shutting down many of the DPF Delete tuning options that have been available in past years. “Most of the diesel shops have gone back to building performance from the bottom up, so to speak. That involves upgrades to engine compo-nents or parts that will enhance the performance of the diesel engines,” he said. “The tuners offered a quick power adjustment with very little 22 Performance Racing Industry W | January 2014

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